ElSherif Law Firm & Consultants provides special services to their clients, such as:

Consultations and Technical, Qualitative & Legal Studies

  • Consultations & Technical, Qualitative & Legal Studies

    Providing resolutions of legal disputes to our clients orally and written in the various branches of law by expert consultants who are specialized in their fields.


  • Contracts

    Preparing, drafting and revising contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding with all its kinds even in the international field or the local field.


  • Litigation

    • Doing an integrated legal study on the legal position of the client and indicating points of strength and points of weakness.
    • Representing the clients in litigation before the council of the state, economic courts, criminal courts, court of cassation, and the supreme (constitutional) court.

  • Companies

    • Establishing ,registering ,amending companies with all its kinds (commercial, civil, professional).
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Preparing, drafting and revising memorandums and articles of association of the companies, internal audit regulations, corporate governance regulations and all other regulations.
    • Providing legal support for all companies’ activities.
    • Dissolutions, liquidation, liability law suits and bankruptcy.
    • Contracts, commercial concessions, agencies and licenses.
    • Monopoly, competition law and anti dumping.
    • Introductions, issue of shares and enrollment at the stock exchange.
    • Central depository’s services.
    • Establishing ,registering ,amending companies with all its kinds (commercial, civil, professional)
    Funding & Financial Business

  • Funding & Financial Business

    • Stock Markets.
    • Project Finance.
    • Savings & Investment Funds.
    • Structuring of Insolvent Projects.
    • Capital Markets & Debentures (Bonds).
    • Financial Leasing.
    • Assets Finance.
    • Non-banking Financial Business.
    • Financial Structure.
    • Direct & Indirect Foreign Investment.
    • Insurance & Reinsurance.

  • Banking

    • Providing legal support in all fields of stock markets and banking markets.
    • Loan arrangements and procedures.
    • Financing of trade operations, projects and properties.
    • Foreign fund and foreign instruments.
    • Establishment of banks, financial companies and investment companies.
    • Management, administration of implementation and collection operations.
    Foreign Investment

  • Foreign Investment

    • Providing legal advice for foreign investors in relation to the existing regulations in Egypt.
    • Drafting Foreign Investment contracts and participations whatever the law which governs it.
    • Registering international companies and issuing the required licenses and representing companies in all matters before the official and non-official entities in Egypt.
    Foreign Affairs & Consular Services

  • Foreign Affairs & Consular Services

    • Preparing, revising and translating the contracts with all its kinds.
    • Legal representation for the clients before the consulates and the embassies.
    Public – Private Partnership Contracts (PPP)

  • Public – Private Partnership Contracts (PPP)

    • Escrow Agreement.
    • Build – Operate – transfer (BOT).
    • Build – Own – Operate – Transfer (BOOT).
    • Build – Own – Operate (BOO).
    • Build – Operate – Renewal of Concession (BOR).
    • Build – Lease – Transfer (BLT).
    • Build – Rent – Transfer (BRT).
    • Build – Transfer – Operate – (BTO).
    • Design – Build – Finance – Operate (DBFO).
    • Design – Construct – Manage – Finance (DCMF).
    • Modernize – Own – Operate – Transfer (MOOT).
    • Rehabilitate – Own – Operate (ROO) .
    Real estate transactions

  • Real estate transactions

    • Real estate finance.
    • Real estate development.
    • Real estate and expropriation cases.
    • Registration of real estate.
     Oil Industries

  • Oil Industries

    Providing legal and financial consultation services for oil gas industries in the fields of exploration, drilling, and production as well as the field of oil manufacturing (Petrochemicals) and its infinite branches.

    Energy & Natural Resources

  • Energy & Natural Resources

    • Electricity and renewable resources, mining, oil, minerals.

  • Transportation

    • Land, air, maritime or shipping.

  • Insurance

    As a preventive action for risks and damages and to improve safety level, we provide the related legal consultations:

    • Compulsory insurance such as engineering insurance and car insurance.
    • Non compulsory insurance such as property insurance, movable property insurance, marine insurance, land transport insurance, air transport insurance, intellectual property insurance etc..

  • Taxes

    Our experts’ abilities allow us to draw an effective working structure for the companies from a tax perspective, and dealing tax disputes with the competent authorities when such disputes are arisen.

    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property

    • Registration of patents, trademarks, and all Intellectual Propertyworks.
    • Registration of industrial models and designs.
    • Geographical indications and undisclosed information.
    • Electronic Signature.
    Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Settlement Methods

  • Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Settlement Methods

    Preparing and drafting arbitration clauses, litigating and also making negotiations, doing councils of magistrate, reconciling and mediation at the local and international levels as arbitrators or representatives of the our clients before these courts or institutions.

    Documentation Services

  • Documentation Services

    We can do all the documentation procedures and requirements; also we can save private documents through official minutes of deposit at the notarization and documentation agency.


  • Labor

    • Labor laws of both public and private sectors.
    • Preparation and certification of the internal labor regulations.
    • Structuring institutions and human resources.
    Governmental Services

  • Governmental Services

    Doing, supervising, and proceeding clients’ claims and all procedures in front of the governmental institutions and all administrative chambers.

    International Services

  • International Services

    We are linked to several law firms are specialized at the regional and international levels through alliance and cooperation relationship to provide legal services abroad.