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Dr.Atef Yassien ElSherif

Board Chairman

Atef Yassien ElSherif, The former chairman of the Egyptian Exchange, the former consultant of the Egyptian Exchange and currently, the founder and principal partner of ElSherif Law Firm & Consultants.

ElSherif represented the Egyptian Exchange in many stock exchanges’ conferences and International, African & Arabian stock market unions and contributed in preparation of many of legislations and Egyptian stock market regulations since joining the Egyptian Exchange in 1994 to 2015. And also he contributed in establishing the Damascus Securities Exchange and the Libyan Stock Market. He also is the founder and secretary -general of Egyptian Investor Relations Association (EIRA).


  • PHD degree Researcher in Business Administration department – Faculty of Commerce – Cairo University.
  • MBA – Stock Markets 2010.
  • Human Rights diploma - International Institute of Criminal Science - Syracuse – Italy.
  • Arbitration courses in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and United Arab Emirates.
  • Arbitration courses at Cairo, Ain Shams, and Alexandria universities.
  • Human Rights courses in Morocco, Tunisia, Italy.
  • Various courses in securitization, debt instruments, derivatives and electronic signature.
  • Various courses in banking crimes and money laundering.


  • Chairman of the Egyptian Exchange in 2013.
  • Former consultant of the Egyptian Exchange.
  • Former chairman of Egypt for Information Dissemination company.
  • Former Board member of Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry company.
  • Member of the BAR Association since 1989 till now.
  • Representative of the Egyptian Exchange in many conferences that are related to Arabian stock markets in Egypt & abroad.


  • Member of the Egyptian BAR Association since 1989 till now.
  • Member of the Arab Lawyers Union since 1990.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab organization for Young Lawyers (based in Morocco).
  • Founder and secretary-general of Egyptian Investor Relations Association (EIRA).
  • Vice-Chairman of the board of directors of the Mediterranean Sea lawyers association (based in Tunisia).
  • Arbitrator at Arbitration Center at Ain Shams University.
  • Member of the Egyptian Association for Political Economy and Statistics and Legislation.